Back to Bangkok – DD4


Reason to Move Back to Bangkok


Dom starts off the show by talking about what prompted them to move back to Bangkok from Chiang Mai, which was Tracy being promoted from a part time teacher to Head of Kids in Pinkloa in Bangkok.


Finding a Place to Live in Bangkok

Bathing SpikeThey take a trip to Bangkok to find a place to live that will allow them to have a dog and 2 cats.  They find a nice two (2) story, three (3) bedroom house that has two (2) 3/4 bathrooms with a nice sized yard and a really nice landlady named Parn.


They did eventually move from there when Parn had her house torn down to build a new one, but they are still friends and talk.  They now live in Sukhumvit.



Dom goes back to work at Elite when he moves back to Bangkok, which he becomes the head of kids, designing courses, assessing reports, and teaching for them.  Dom and Elite do eventually part ways, but Dom still works with them from time to time.



Teacher TrainingWhile living in Bangkok, Dom gets back into studying yoga.  When he started studying yoga again, Dom weighed about 260 pounds (117.9 kg).  It didn’t take long for Dom to get his weight down to about 225 pounds (102 kg).  His goal is to eventually get down to 200 pounds (90.72 kg).  Dom also went on to do a yoga teacher training course at Yoga Elements.  Dom does eventually move away from yoga.


Tai Chi

Dom finds a Tai Chi instructor through studying yoga at Yoga Elements.  He really enjoyed this, but he is eventually dismissed from studying tai chi because his teacher because the teacher thought he was too angry.


Mixed Martial Arts

Grappling 07A friend Dom has from yoga brings him to Chulalonkorn University, where he learns mixed martial arts (mma) and practices with the team at Chulalonkorn University called Burn Shell and trains with the team and meets a guy named Shannon Cai, and trains a few times with him.



Belt Test ClassDom finds a karate studio near where he lives Samurai Dojo, where they teach JKS Shotokan Karate.  The instructor at the dojo Kagawa Sensei, which is  the son of the head of JKS Shotokan Karate world head.  At the time of this podcast, Dom is 3rd brown belt, which is 1st Kyu, and his next test will be for his Shodan, which is first degree black belt.



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2 thoughts on “Back to Bangkok – DD4

  1. And again, the “always remember.” Love.

    It is striking to me how you always roll with life. You can be angry about things, or react negatively, but you seem to always recognize where things come from and move through it, back to YOUR life and a positive frame of mind. That’s huge and a fantastic influence/inspiration, which I completely appreciate. 🙂

    • Thank you Kim. I do my best not stay angry, upset, sad, frustrated, or anything like that. Negativity breeds negativity, so I do my best to stay positive. 🙂

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