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In about mid-April of this year, 2016, Dom’s sister visited him in Thailand.  He and Tracy decided that they should take her to Koh Samui.


This would be Dom’s first trip to Koh Samui as well as Danelle’s first trip.


While there, they walked two (2) beaches, saw Hin Ta and Hin Yai.  Dom and Danelle went up onto a look out point that looked out over the sea.  Dom talks about how hot it was while they were in Koh Samui.  Thailand was having record highs during this time.


monkeyThe second day, Danelle and Dom went on a package deal where they got to do a few things like ride an elephant and see a monkey show.  Danelle loves elephants, so she was really excited to be able to ride an elephant.


Big BuddhaThe third day, Dom, Danelle and Tracy went to see the giant Buddha that’s very famous on Koh Samui, and the taxi drive convinced them to go see the second big Buddha.


On their last and final day, they decided to spend the day at the resort relaxing on the beach.

Koh Samui - DD25




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