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In this episode, Dom talked more about why he stopped playing hockey back in 1989. Next he talked about going to watch the Bangkok Ice Hockey League (BIHL) games and how that led to him being contacted by the Siam Hockey League (SHL) about being their official podcaster. After that he talked about how watching the SHL and getting to know the players re-inspired him about playing hockey and how hockey was meant to be fun. He talked about how Lance Parker and the Flying Farangs helped him get some gear, and when he went to the States and got some hockey gear so he could play hockey when he got back to Thailand. Then he talked about how he felt when he was getting ready to play his first game in almost 30 years, but how that all went away once he just started playing. This episode finishes off with Tracy saying a few words about Dom ice skating and playing hockey again and then a video minutes before his first game in almost 30 years.

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