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First Trip To Singapore

The Inn On Temple StreetDom talks a bit about his and Tracy’s first trip to Singapore ten (10) years ago.  He talks about the place they stayed, which was The Inn on Temple Street, and talks a little bit about what the rooms were like.


ChinatownNext he talks about Chinatown, and what the market is like. He talks about the shops and the restaurants and the place Tracy took him for his first Singaporean coffee called kopi su su, which was a very sweet and creamy coffee.


Dom also talks about the tattoo parlour that he and Tracy went to, to get their tattoo of double happiness on the base of their necks on their backs, and how they talked to one of the new tattoo artists there.


This Trip

Dom talks this trip to Singapore.  Talks about the hotel they stay at, what the room is like, and what the view is like.  He also talks about finding out how to get to Chinatown from the hotel by talking to the desk clerk.  They walk from the hotel to Chinatown and find a place to eat, which happens to be the same place Tracy introduced Dom to Singaporean coffee.  Tracy is excited, because when she lived in Singapore and when her and Dom visited before, she was a vegetarian, and now she gets to try all kinds of other Singaporean food that she couldn’t eat before.  The first night, they have beef with noodles and prawn (shrimp) with noodles and egg rolls.  While they are there, they see people eating crab, and Tracy had never had crab before, so they decide that they will go back the second night have try it.  The second night, they have crab legs in black pepper sauce, and Tracy loved crab.


For their first full day, they wonder up South Bridge Road and North Bridge Road and check out a few shopping centers that they see.  In one of the shopping centers, they see a board game called Samurai, which they don’t buy then, but they do buy the next day.  At about lunch, they are in their third shopping center and they find a good food center and have a very good lunch.  After lunch, they go to a book shop called MPH and buy a couple of books.


For their second full day, they go to Orchard Road and wonder the shopping centers there, finishing up at the shopping center that had the board game Samurai and they buy that and head back to the hotel.  For dinner, they have murtabak for dinner, going for one vegetable and one chicken, and both are delicious.


For their third and final full day in Singapore, they go swimming at the hotel and also go to a temple that has a Buddha tooth relic, and Dom describes that.



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