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International Flight

dom_dumais01Dom's PassportWhat it was like flying internationally for the first time.  Dom flew Baltimore/Washington International to JFK International to Ted Stevens Anchorage International to Taoyuan, Taiwan International, Don Mueang, Bangkok International, and how long it took to get to Bangkok.  He goes on to talk about going through immigration and customs to get to Tracy and what it was like to see Tracy for the first time.


Language, Food and Getting Around Bangkok

What his first meal was like and how hot it was (hotter than anything he had ever had).  He and Tracy go and buy a stereo.  Dom goes out and buys a TV and has some keys cut.  Dom talks about the trouble he has getting a taxi to take him home because of the language barrier.  Some of the modes of public transportation in Bangkok are taxis, BTS, MRT, motorcycle taxis, tuk tuks and songthaews.


Tuk tukSongthaew







Shopping Centers, Markets and Getting Conned

Some of the places to do some shopping in Bangkok are Siam Discovery, Siam Center, Central World, MBK, and Central Chidlom.  Dom also talks about the time he was conned, and how he felt about it at the time.


Some of the markets that you can go to in Bangkok are the Night Bazaar, Khaosan Road and Chatuchak Weekend Market.


CELTA and Teaching

After a short time, Dom gets on a Certified English Language Teacher to Adults (CELTA) and talks about what it was like for him and how he fell in love with teaching.  Once he finishes his course, he starts teaching a general English course.  He eventually does the Certified English Language Teacher to Young Learners (CELTYL).  He also does a young learner course and starts teaching teens, and eventually starts teaching in a school.  He also teaches business English classes for two different companies, one of which sends him quite far out of Bangkok.


Eventually, Dom becomes a manager for the main company that he works for, hiring teachers and putting them into schools.  He talks about his troubles hiring teachers and what it was like for him putting teachers into schools and managing those teachers.


In the end, Dom decides he doesn’t want to do this job any more, and finds another job as a kindergarten teacher, which he does for about a month before moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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