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Dom and Tracy and a visitor from America, their friend Eric. One of the things that Eric wanted to do with this trip out, was he wanted to go to Khao Yai National Park. As it’s been years since Tracy has been there, and Dom has never been there, they were very happy to go. They were there for four (4) night and five (5) days. They had an amazing time, and Dom talks all about it here.

Tracy wanted to do something special for Eric, since this was his second trip and he recommended Khao Yai, she found out about Wild Encounter Thailand and going whale watching, so they decided they would go and do that. They got to see lots of whales, got a little burnt, but really loved it.

Lastly, Dom talked about his up and coming adventure with the Siam Hockey League (SHL) and how their draft is going to be on November 13, 2016 at The Sports Corner on Sukhumvit soi 20, and about how he is excited to do this.






Amazing Adventures – DD39

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Khao Yai Day 2 – DDV14

In the morning of our second day, our guide, Tata, picked us up at our resort.  From there he drove us into the national park and to the first viewing point where he had us put on our leech socks.  From there, he took us to the park headquarters and then to our first trek into the jungle, then our second trek into the jungle and then lunch.  then we kind of cruised around for a little bit looking for wild life, and then we finished off the evening with a night safari. It was such a great experience for our first day!

Khao Yai Day 1 – DDV13

Eric, Tracy and I take a trip to Khao Yai. Tracy has been to Khao Yai before, but this is the first time for Eric and me. In this video, we just explore a little bit of the resort that we stayed at called Khao Yai Cottage.

Khao Yai Cottage on

It was so quiet there. The restaurant was very nice and quiet, and the green area, although a little wet from all the rains was nice. I took a few pictures, which you can find in the gallery at my website