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Role Playing Games

Dom talks about the three (3) role playing games that he loved playing.

He also talks a little about the differences in electronic role playing games and pen and paper or tabletop role playing games.


Dom explains about the time when he played Shadowrun and talks about the Archetypes and Races that are found in Shadowrun.  He also talks about why he liked Shadowrun and why he didn’t like Shadowrun.




Secondly, he talks about when he played Cyberpunk, the different Races and Roles that can be found in Cyberpunk and what he has played.  He also talks about the things he liked and didn’t like about Cyberpunk.


D&D booksDungeons and Dragons

Dom’s all time love in role playing games.  He talks about what he loves about it and what he dislikes about it.  He talks about the different races and classes that can be played as well as what he has played.  He talks about when he was a player and when he ran games (Dungeon Master).  He also talks about creating he own worlds in D&D.


Dom finishes off the podcast with a poem he wrote after Gary Gygax, the creater of Dungeons & Dragons, passed away.

Gary Gygax 2007

Alan De Smet [CC BY 3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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