Khao Yai Day 2 – DDV14

In the morning of our second day, our guide, Tata, picked us up at our resort.  From there he drove us into the national park and to the first viewing point where he had us put on our leech socks.  From there, he took us to the park headquarters and then to our first trek into the jungle, then our second trek into the jungle and then lunch.  then we kind of cruised around for a little bit looking for wild life, and then we finished off the evening with a night safari. It was such a great experience for our first day!

Khao Yai Day 1 – DDV13

Eric, Tracy and I take a trip to Khao Yai. Tracy has been to Khao Yai before, but this is the first time for Eric and me. In this video, we just explore a little bit of the resort that we stayed at called Khao Yai Cottage.

Khao Yai Cottage on

It was so quiet there. The restaurant was very nice and quiet, and the green area, although a little wet from all the rains was nice. I took a few pictures, which you can find in the gallery at my website

Raja’s Fashion Part 1 – DDV11

We have a friend from America visiting us here in Thailand. Before he came out, he found out about a tailor that makes really good suits, so he wanted to go see them and have a suit made. We found Raja Fashions in the Nana area and went in to talk to them. They are a great group of people. Eric picked out his fabrics for his suits (he went for 3) and suit jacket linings, buttons, shirt fabrics( he went for 11 shirts) cuff and collar styles and ties. They are a really amazing place. Make sure to check out up and coming videos for when we go back for his fittings.

Raja’s Fashions Facebook:

Raja’s Fashions Website:

Meeting BIHL Players – DDV10


In about the last week of August, I was contacted by a member of the BIHL team Thunder, John. He told me that he heard my podcast and would like to get together and talk about some things that were coming up. We arranged to meet at The Rink in Central Rama 9. He also introduced me to another member of the Thunder team named Christian. We chatted about hockey here in Thailand, and about the possibility of working together on a project (SHL) in the near future.

Keep an eye out and we will see what will happen.

Unboxing Nikon d5500 – DDV7


I unbox my new Nikon D5500. I’m really excited about getting this camera. I’ve been wanting this camera for quite some time now. Since I was a kid I always kind of toyed with taking pictures and whatnot. In the early 2000s, I got my first digital camera with the purchase of some mail-order coffee. When I moved to Thailand, Tracy and I bought a Cannon PowerShot A620. At the time, I took all kinds of pictures with “Dutch Angels”. Tracy gave me a few pointers on how to make sure my pictures are lined up, making sure my lines are straight, and how to frame my pictures. When our friend, Eric, who is from America came to visit a few years ago, he inspired a little bit of a bug in me, and I got a Nikon CoolPix L820, which is a great fixed lens digital camera. Off and on since then, I’ve been taking pictures and I’ve really loved it.

With talking to Tracy, we figured I was ready for a DSLR camera. I did a lot of research, kind of thinking I would like to stay with Nikon, because I’ve loved my CoolPix so much, but I was kind of open to go with what I thought would be good for me. I finally decided on the Nikon D5500 for a few different reasons. One of them was the touch/flip screen, and it’s a good entry/enthusiast level camera, and it also had really good reviews.