Fitness 101 – DD8


Dom invites special guest, Niall Watts to the show.


Together they talk about different aspects of fitness.  Niall talks about how long he has been into fitness, what are some of the things he loves when training people, and things he hated.


They talk about some of our favorite exercises and some of our least favorite exercise, and why they are our favorite or least favorite.



Niall also gives a few suggestions for people starting out to get fit, and things to help prevent burning out.

Dom and Niall talk about how they feel about Body Mass Index (B.M.I.).


Nial also recommends different types of workouts.  One is called Bar Training Calisthenics, and the other is called Joint Mobility Exercises.


Dom surprises Niall by having Niall do an always remember at the end of the show.

Fitness 101 - DD8

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