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Some times in life, you look back at bands or movies or music or books or TV shows with fond memories of how good they were, or you remember some of these things as how bad you thought they were.

When you look back at them, some times you’re lucky and they are as good as you remembered them.  Other times. you’re even luckier and you look back at the things you thought were bad, and realise how good they actually are.

Worst are the times when you look back at the things you remember being so good, you couldn’t understand when people told you that they didn’t like them, and then you have another look at them and find out how terrible they really are.


In this episode, I talk about some of these.  I talk about following;


killerdwarfs Killer Dwarfs Band
they-live They Live (1988) Movie
alien-nation Alien Nation (1988) Movie
lionheart Lionheart (1991) Movie


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