Unboxing Nikon d5500 – DDV7


I unbox my new Nikon D5500. I’m really excited about getting this camera. I’ve been wanting this camera for quite some time now. Since I was a kid I always kind of toyed with taking pictures and whatnot. In the early 2000s, I got my first digital camera with the purchase of some mail-order coffee. When I moved to Thailand, Tracy and I bought a Cannon PowerShot A620. At the time, I took all kinds of pictures with “Dutch Angels”. Tracy gave me a few pointers on how to make sure my pictures are lined up, making sure my lines are straight, and how to frame my pictures. When our friend, Eric, who is from America came to visit a few years ago, he inspired a little bit of a bug in me, and I got a Nikon CoolPix L820, which is a great fixed lens digital camera. Off and on since then, I’ve been taking pictures and I’ve really loved it.

With talking to Tracy, we figured I was ready for a DSLR camera. I did a lot of research, kind of thinking I would like to stay with Nikon, because I’ve loved my CoolPix so much, but I was kind of open to go with what I thought would be good for me. I finally decided on the Nikon D5500 for a few different reasons. One of them was the touch/flip screen, and it’s a good entry/enthusiast level camera, and it also had really good reviews.

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